• 1 hora
  • não
  • 180
  • 2 horas
  • não
  • 300
  • pernoite
  • não
  • não
  • Idade – 25
  • Altura – 170
  • Peso – 55
Laura is romantically established with a strong will and perseverance acting very elusive. Even in a crisis she is able to stay calm and check up herself. She can feel the thoughts and wishes of others and respond to them appropriately way that specific situation requires. She goes her own way and independently on the others. She likes a lot of contacts, suggestions, activities, grandiose plans, gestures and ideals. She loves freedom much. It’s a great girlfriend and a friend. It’s a funny, bright, inquisitive girl who likes to exchange ideas and discussions. She longs for harmony and perfect love. She can focus on the other, is tender and full of feeling and also very passionate. She is controlled by instincts, she loves sex and can be a great and tireless lover.

Outras garotas em Miragaia

girl Parque
  • 1 hora 180
  • 2 horas 300
  • pernoite no
  • Idade 24
  • Altura 169
  • Peso 52
  • Mama 2